Track 1. 저 달 (Moonlight)

Track 2. 대취타 (Daechwita)

Track 3. 어떻게 생각해? (What do you think?)

Track 4. 이상하지 않은가 (feat. RM) (Strange, feat. RM)

Track 5. 점점 어른이 되나봐 (feat. 니화) (28, feat. NiiHWA)

Track 6. Burn it (feat. MAX)

Track 7. 사람 (People)

Track 8. 혼술 (Honsool)

Track 9. Interlude : Set me free

Track 10. 어땠을까 (feat. 김종완 of NELL) (Dear my friend, feat. JW of NELL)


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