= (Equal Sign)

Produced by Scoop Deville
Written by j-hope, Lindgren, Melanie Joy Fontana, Scoop Deville

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Note: In the album interview, J-Hope said this track is about how regardless of race, culture, nationality, and social status or position, people need to be treated equally. He also talked about his deliberate choice to do the chorus in English to show that even though his English has room for improvement, that does not stop him from singing in English. He considers this track as part 2 of P.O.P (Piece of Peace) pt. 1.



우린 서로 갖춰
We prepare to see each other

시선들을 맞춰
and meet each other’s eyes

사람 위에 사람 없고
No one is above anyone else,

사람 밑에 사람 없어
and no one is below anyone else

Let’s roll


With love

With trust

With respect

Step by step


우린 아직 세상에 무심해
We’re still indifferent to the world

관심이 필요해 우리에겐
We need to pay attention to ourselves,

변화의 시작은 곧이기에
because a change is soon to begin,

어쩌면 우리의 몫이기에
because perhaps it’s on us


목쉬게 외쳐도 소리 없는 아우성
Though I try crying out until I lose my voice, it’s a silent outcry

피부로 느끼는 다른 점
That I’m different, it’s palpable
Note: 피부로 느끼다, which literally means to feel something with/through someone’s skin, means to feel something first-hand. Given the theme of this track, I think it’s not a stretch to also read this line as “the (color of) my skin made me feel I’m different.”

정당하게 올라
Risen to the top by playing fair,

솜뭉치로 가슴 치며 갸우뚱
I tilt my head in confusion and hit my chest in frustration 

세상은 넓고
It’s such a big, wide world,

사람 마음 참 좁다
and such narrow minds people have

꼭 같을 필요는 없어도
We don’t necessarily have to be the same,

다른 게 왜 죄일까?
but why is it a sin to be different?


나이를 넘어
Beyond age,

성별을 넘어
beyond gender,

국경을 넘어
beyond nationality

어쩌면 모두의 숙제 같은 것
Perhaps this is homework for everyone

나부터 깨우쳐
I should first awaken myself to the truth

차별 아닌 차이인 것
that it’s not to be discriminated, it’s just different

편견의 피해자 알아야 해 그건 우리인 것
That the victim of prejudice is no one else but us, we need to know



Hate’ll paralyze your mind

Gotta see the other side

It costs ya nothin’ to be kind

Not so different you and I

Lookin’ for love in a different light

Until we find that equal sign



우리가 쉬는 숨들
The breaths we breathe


우리가 꾸는 꿈들
The dreams we dream


삶 속 웃음과 눈물
The laughters and tears in our lives


다 존중받을 품들
Each and every one of them deserves to be respected


Just a piece to give strength

In the puzzle of our hearts

It’ll all make sense one day

So I’m singing

For love in this world


Come on

Let’s come together

Equality is you and me



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