STOP (세상에 나쁜 사람은 없다)

Produced by Clams Casino
Written by j-hope, Michael Volpe

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Note: The Korean title “세상에 나쁜 사람은 없다” means “there are no bad people in the world.” It’s taken from a book of the same title by Won Jaehoon, which contains a short story that views the world with pets and their owners switched (February 2021 birthday YouTube live (at 15:34); July 2022 album interview (at 16:11)). The story was inspired by a TV show titled “세상에 나쁜 개는 없다,” meaning “there are no bad dogs in the world.” In the show, animal trainers (including Kang Hyungwook whom V reached out for advice prior to getting his dog Yeontan) work with pet owners who are concerned with their pet’s behavioral issues to address the underlying reasons (owners’ behaviors, environmental factors, dogs’ past trauma, etc.) instead of framing the owners as victims and the dogs as “bad dogs.”



Right, 힘든 게 있어 내 친구에 대해 [daehae]
Right, there’s this tricky thing when it comes to a friend of mine

가치관, 성격 대립, 매일 우정 자연재해 [jayeonjaehae]
Conflicting values and personalities, every day our friendship is hit by a natural disaster 

좋게 좋게 말해도 의문이 드는 reaction
No matter how nicely it’s said, it calls for a skeptical reaction

베푸는 건 내(ㅔ) 쪽, 애써 감추려 red sun
Each thinks they’re being easy on the other, trying hard to hide, red sun
Note: “Red sun” is a signal/catchphrase that a hypnotist used on TV to send someone into a hypnotic trance (the person would then immediately fall under hypnosis like magic). The term gained traction and became to be associated with hypnosis or the moment of falling under hypnosis.

Please stop stop stop

Stop stop stop stop

Don’t fight fight fight

Fight fight fight fight


밉고 야속하지만 한 번 더 생각을 해
Though I feel hurt and bitter, I think about it again

어떻게 다 비슷하고 어떻게 다 똑같아?
How would it be even possible that everyone is similar and everyone is the same

본질은 바뀔 순 없어 인지해가 be myself
One’s essence cannot change, I come to realize it, be myself

단 한 톨의 믿음이 날 지배해
It’s the single grain of faith that governs me

‘There are no bad people in the world’


그래 나도 뉴스는 봐
Yeah, I too watch the news

But what’s that?

Deadly criminal, 정말 사람이 저래?
Deadly criminal, can a human being act like that?

짐승보다 못한 인간들의 행위
The acts of humans that even animals wouldn’t do

참 더럽더라고
It seriously disgusted me

심하게 말해 사람 새끼인가 싶더라고, 나도
To put it harshly, I too wondered how they can even be considered humans

Wait, stop stop stop

Stop stop stop stop

Calm down down down

Down down down down


그래 이건 원초적으로 돌아가
Yeah, let’s take it back to the origin

다시 그들을 봐
and see them again

살아온 환경, 교육, 시스템
The environment they’ve lived within, education and system,

나와 다른 부분은 무엇인가?
what made us different?

의지해 보는 거야, 하나만
Try relying on it, just one thing,

인간 본연의 모습, 그 하나만
The true human nature, just that thing

Please be right


요즘은 smart 한 세상
It’s a smart world these days

But not smart 한 게 태반 [taeban]
But there are too many not-smart things all over

분노의 비대면 회담 [hoedam]
Virtual meetings filled with anger

희생은 시간문제야 [siganmunjeya]
Sacrifices are just a matter of time

불안전한 area
Unsafe area

So, too many viruses

무의식적인 오염, 나도 피할 순 없는 거야 이젠
Being contaminated inadvertently, even I cannot avoid it anymore

Stop stop stop

Stop stop stop stop

Change our minds minds minds

Minds minds minds minds


인과법칙에 의하여 세상에 나온 우리
We’re out in this world as a result of a cause

그렇다 한들 일체유심조
Even so, everything is made of mind
Note: 일체유심조 () is an idea in Buddhism that mind and mind only is what determines everything.

우리가 만드는 거지
It’s up to us to make

작은 시작이 큰 발걸음이기에
Because a small start leads to a big step,

세상은 변해 나쁜 사람은 없기에
the world will change because there are no bad people in the world

That’s right?



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