Louder than bombs




Produced by Bram Inscore
Written by Troye Sivan, Bram Inscore, Allie X, Leland, RM, SUGA, j-hope

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Spotify storyline: “Louder than bombs” tells the story of how sadness and fear grow as one encounters stories of pain around the world. The message that “we will continue to listen to your story and will never stop singing, so speak yourself” intensifies with the song’s brisk yet grand atmosphere.



이젠 너무 선명해졌어
Now it has become too clear,

저 환호 속의 낯선 그림자
the unfamiliar shadow in those shouts and cheers

아마 다신 믿을 수 없을
The word that perhaps will never be believed, 

좋은 것만 보고 듣잔 말
“Let’s only see and hear good things”
This reminds me of the first verse of Two! Three!, “
Let’s walk only along the flower path; I can’t say such words. Let’s see only the good things; I can’t say such words as well. That, from now on, there will be only good things, that we will not get hurt anymore, I can’t say such words. I can’t say such lies.”


고요한 너의 슬픔이
Your silent sorrow

나를 흔들어
shakes me

조용한 나의 바다에
In the quiet sea of mine,

파도가 일곤 해
waves rise from time to time


Louder than bombs I break

쏟아지는 아픔들
The pains that pour down

네가 지었던 그 표정이
The facial expression you made —

그 표정이 아니란 걸 안 그때부터
since the time I learned that it’s not what it meant
Note: A direct translation would be “Since the time I knew that the facial expression you made  was not that facial expression.” My interpretation of these two lines would be something like “since I learned that the smile you showed me does not mean your happiness,” which is also in line with the Storyline above. Fans want to give them only positive energy and love but they see the individual pains we all have inside.

Louder than bombs I break


Baby I’m nothin’er than nothin’

Lighter than the light

Don’t you want a thing from me

But you say I’m somethin’er than somethin’

Lighter than the light
(As some of you commented under this post, I also hear “brighter” instead of “lighter.”)

Don’t you give up your life

Here I stay, pray

Just for better days
Note: Again, the subtitle of Two! Three! is “Still wishing there will be more good days.” 

Everyday’s a maze

Wonder if this is my place


Where’s my way?

계속 흔들리는 ground
The ground that is continuously shaking

홀로 무너지는 중 mute
Collapsing down alone, mute

Louder than bombs yeah

I want to tell you 어둠은 말야
I want to tell you, the darkness

어디라도 있단 걸 두려워 말아
exists anywhere, don’t be afraid

어떤 밤이 날 삼켜도 난 포기하진 않아
Whatever night swallows me, I don’t give up

널 위한 fight, we’ll shine
The fight that is for you, we’ll shine


너와 난 다 함께 느껴
You and I, we all feel it together

슬픔과 고통
Sorrow and pain,

우연한 게 절대 아냐
they are never a coincidence

Yeah we picked this game


Louder than bombs I say

세상 앞에 말할게
I will say in front of the world

너를 외면했던 시간
The times when I looked away from you,

자꾸 도망쳤던 나날 이제 더는 없어
the days when I kept running away — they will no longer exist

Louder than bombs I say


사람들은 뭐 우리가 부럽대
They say, well, they are jealous of us

내가 가진 pain 위선이라고 해
They say the pain I own is hypocrisy 

No matter what I do 똥밭에 구르네
No matter what I do, I roll in filth
Side note: 똥밭에 구르다 (to roll on a field of feces, literally) is usually used as a part of an idiom, 똥밭에 굴러도 이승이 낫다 (Even if you roll on a field of feces, this world is better than the otherworld).

우리가 아니면 그래
If it’s not us, okay,

누가 할 건데?
who’s going to do it?


사람들은 뭐 우리가 부럽대
They say, well, they are jealous of us

내가 가진 pain 위선이라고 해
They say the pain I own is hypocrisy 

No matter what I do 똥밭에 구르네
No matter what I do, I roll in filth

우리가 아니면 그래
If it’s not us, okay,

누가 할 건데?
who’s going to do it?


Louder than bombs I sing

너와 내게 약속해
I promise to you and myself

어떤 파도가 덮쳐도
No matter what kind of waves strike,

우린 끝없이 널 향해 노래할 거라고
we will endlessly sing towards you

Louder than bombs I sing



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13 thoughts on “Louder than bombs

  1. So, I was trying to comprehend the meaning of this song when I came across a comment on a different platform I highly disagreed with. So much that I went back to check the lyrics while listening to the song to try to understand where the person was coming from.

    Here’s my analysis after taking a careful approach to the song, in which I ended up agreeing a bit to that other person’s opinion. BTS themselves said the album was going to be more about their career and their perspective on it. Considering the whole theme of shadows and egos, a song about ARMY isn’t the only way to interpret these lyrics. They are ambiguous enough so one could have more than one take on it.

    Imagine if each of the members is looking face to face at their shadows and talking to them as if they’re their own separate beings but at the same time they’re not. Kinda confusing but hopefully it still makes sense. BTS meets them for the first time while staring at a clapping audience, feeling they’re supposed to be happy inside but they’re not. They realized that cannot keep looking and running away from it when they look at the mirror and see an expression they didn’t expect to see. Instead, they decided to talk to their shadows as a sign of acknowledging them. In the end, the hypocrisy they mention could be others belittling their pain by saying “Oh! Didn’t you get everything you couldn’t even imagine? What are you complaining about? Your problems are way better than what other people go through on otherworld!”

    Though I may be wrong about this view of the song, I still felt like sharing as a way to give you a different perspective 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • One thing I forgot to mention. In regards to Spotify storyline, it could be a reference on how the members found courage to speak themselves about their issues after listening to ARMY’s stories. But at the same time it represents the fear and the pressure one could feel while being held in such a high position.

      Liked by 1 person

    • I always interpreted as a song both for army and themselves, Yoongi’s verse is clearly to his shadow and what you said abt it, but parts like “You and I, we all feel it together/
      Sorrow and pain” and jon’s verse with the 2!3! reference I interpreted as directed to army and the members in general.


  2. this song is sad but so helpful when your down bc u know that bts is here for us and they help through our pain guys this is like really amazing bc i feel like nobody r cares like they do like even tho we r from all around the worl as ARMY we still connect and become fam


  3. There’s something so bittersweet about being able to resonate with one another through pain. That our prior connection is pain, but sweet because we now have people who understands the struggle and is trying to be the comfort we need.


    • This is the best translation/explanation of this song I’ve seen yet! I’ve been confused about “네가 지었던 그 표정이 그 표정이 아니란 걸 안 그때부터 ” since I heard the song, so I’m so grateful for your website 😊

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      • It’s a way to say something is very loud. Bombs exploding also have an aggressive connotation (because war & terror), so it’s a loud noise that is frightening. I hope this helps.


        • aren’t they saying that they will drown out the bombs? “louder then bombs i sing” it’s not necessarily frightening, this is a kind of literal example but i can’t really think of a different way to explain what i mean, think of a parent near a war zone singing their child a lullaby, it’s not literally louder then bombs but it’s closer and distracts until the bombs stop.
          in this case the “bombs” are all the bad experiences that BTS and ARMY have faced together like May 2016 and November 2018 but also just personal problems we all face outside of that, and it’s not always just a distraction but for a lot of people it also helps them process those things and heal.

          but that’s just my take on it.


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