BTS Cypher PT. 2 : Triptych


Produced by Supreme Boi
Written by Supreme Boi, Rap Monster, j-hope, SUGA

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(1) The official lyrics are censored. (e.g. “bucket” should be “fuck it,” “beat” should be “bitch,” etc.) But everything is pretty clear when you actually listen to the song (or watch their live performance).

(2) I cannot but think that Suga’s part references and targets B-Free. In November 2013, RM and Suga, along with B-Free, were invited as guests to an open recording of Kim Bonghyun’s Hip Hop Invitation, a podcast of Kim who is a hip hop music critic. I don’t want to and won’t go into the details but will leave some links for those who want to know more: (i) a video clip of the above-mentioned podcast, (ii) a reddit post explaining the situation.

(3) RM mentioned that it took a very long time for him to “sculpt” the lyrics. I had to add many notes in his verse accordingly.

(4) The “unconfirmed by Big Hit” version of RM’s part he recorded with Supreme Boi was shared by RM himself on SoundCloud and on Bangtan blog.



누구 때문에? 제이홉 때문에
Because of who? Because of j-hope

누구 때문에? 랩몬 때문에
Because of who? Because of Rap Mon

다시 누구 때문에? 슈가 때문에
Again, because of who? Because of SUGA

모든 스타일과 흐름은 다 방탄 때문에
All the style and trend are because of Bangtan


21세기 한류를 이끌 애들의 또 시작된 놀이
A play that has begun again, of the kids who’ll lead the 21 century Hallyu 

우린 일곱 마리 늑대, 함성이란 양들을 몰이
We’re seven wolves, herding the sheep that are the applause

지금부터 보이는 고장 난 랩들 견인해가지
We tow away the broken raps we see from now

우린 계속 진격, 비트 위의 거인
We keep advancing, a giant on the beat
Reference: Attack on Bangtan

방탄 싸이퍼 right here, 싸이코 right here
Bangtan cypher right here, psycho right here

링에 누가 있건 우린 다 이겨, rap fighter right here
No matter who’s in the ring, we win, rap fighter right here

난 hi여 [hi-yeo] 넌 bye여 [bye-yeo] 불난 타이어 [tie-eo] 우린 달려 [dalyeo]
I’m “hi“, you’re “bye,” burning tires, we run

Fire, hot choir, 대중가요 [daejunggayo] 잡을 싸이여 [Psy-yeo]
Fire, hot choir, like Psy we’ll dominate the pop music

내 랩 거대한 떡대 니 귀에다가 대놓고 bug that
My rap, a giant, fucks your ears up right in your face

역대로 격해진 우리만의 폭행 [pokhaeng]
Our attack that became more violent than ever

긴 말 필요 없이 랩으로 설명해 [seolmyunghae]
With no need for a long speech, I explain with rap

BTS, follow the leader 지금부터 go해 [gohae]
BTS, follow the leader, go from now on
Wordplay: go해 (gohae; do go) can be 고해 (gohae; 告解, confession). “BTS, follow the leader and confess from now on.”



난 랩 와이퍼, 완전 싸이코
I’m rap wiper, a total psycho

내가 다이서라면 임마 난 다이스 다 있어
[naega daiseoamyeon imma nan dais da isseo]
If I were a dicer, hey, I would have all the dice


니가 nice면 임마 난 nicer
If you’re nice, hey, I’m nicer

니가 프라이드면 임마 [imma] 난 크라이슬러
If you’re Pride, hey, I’m Chrysler

that mean imma priceless

니들이 뭔데 내 랩에 니들의 식견으로 점수를 매겨, rapper?
What are you to grade my rap with your knowledge, rapper?

여긴 원피스, 난 흰수염
This place is One Piece, I’m Whitebeard
Whitebeard, a character in One Piece, is the captain of the Whitebeard Pirates and the strongest man in the world.

너넨 그냥 긴수염, 한 마디로 메기여
You guys are just long beards, catfish in one word
(1) Rhyme: 흰 수염 (heuin sooyeom; white beard) – 긴 수염 (gin sooyeom; long beard)
(2) Metaphor: 메기 (megi; catfish), known for its flattened head prominent barbels that resemble a cat’s whiskers, is often used as a metaphor for an ugly person.
(3) Wordplay: 한 마디로 메기여 (han madiro megiyeo) means “it’s catfish, to put it in one word.” But it also sounds similar to “한 마디로 멕여 (han madiro megyeo)” where 멕여 is a misspell (slang) of 먹여, which in the context means to strike a blow, to trick someone, or to screw someone over. So it also can be “I’m Whitebeard, you guys are just long beards. I screw you over with one word.”

Fuck it

히히하하 뛰뛰빵빵 시속 300 나가
Heeheehaha beep beep, I go at the speed of 300km/hr

절차탁마의 절차 밟았으
I followed the steps of becoming greater
Wordplay: 절차탁마 (jeolchatakma; 切磋琢磨), which literally means to polish precious stones by chiseling, filing, and shining them, means to diligently and thoroughly cultivate one’s learning or virtuous conduct. 절차 (jeolcha; 節次), although it’s pronounced the same as the first two letters of 절차탁마, means a procedure/order/step of something.

안 가리고 싹다 잡아 툼스톤
No matter who they are, I get them all, Tombstone
Movie reference: A Walk Among the Tombstones (2014)

knock knock knock out

Fire in the hole beat
Fire in the hole, bitch


넌 울며 찾아가지 니네 아빠 [nine appa]
You cry and look for your dad

시시각각 [sisigakgak] 랩 민짜들의 목을 죄여오는 내 voice, PC방 마감
My voice that ever-strangles the necks of rap minors, PC Bang closes
민짜 (minjja) is a slang referring to the underage, and it is required by law that individuals under the age of 18 cannot stay in PC bang after 10 PM. “Immature rappers will have to leave when I announce the time at 10 PM.”

여긴 왕국, 나는 킹 너는 덤 [dum]
This is a kingdom, I’m a king, you’re dumb
1) Kingdom = King + dom -> King + dumb
2) Kingdom = King + dom -> King + 덤 (dum; an extra, a freebie)

짝 씹어 삼켜 넌 버블껌 [gum]
I chew and swallow, you’re bubble gum
씹다, to chew, is also ‘to diss’ when used as a slang

뛰는 놈 위에 나는 놈 위에 타는 놈 [nom]
Above a running man is a flying man, then a man who’s riding the flying man
“뛰는 놈 위에 나는 놈 있다 (above a running man is a flying man)” is an idiom that means there’s someone who’s better than you no matter how good you are. RM describes himself as the one riding the flying one, meaning his even better than the better one.

그게 나야 beat 비보다 나쁜 놈 [nom]
That’s me, bitch, a guy even worse than rain
Reference: Rain – Bad Guy

난 걸레처럼 널기만 해 갖고 논 다음 [daeum]
I just hang you up like a rag, I play you and
Wordplay: “널기만 해” means “I only hang it up.” But changing the placement of space, “널 기만해,” would mean “I deceive you.” 걸레, a rag, often has a negative connotation since it’s supposed to be dirty and is also a slang for slut.

니 고막을 찢어 단번에 boom boom boom
rip apart your eardrums at once, boom boom boom

이건 내 새벽의 저주,
This is my curse of dawn
Reference: Dawn Of The Dead (2004)

악몽, 폭행, 연쇄살인, 강도, doom doom doom
Nightmares, assaults, serial murders, robberies, doom doom doom

넌 친구 없는 카톡, 볼 일 없어 [upsseo]
You’re a KakaoTalk with no friend, I don’t have anything to do with you
(1) 볼 일 없어 means “I don’t have any occasion to see something/someone” where 일 is an event or an occasion.
(2) But 일 can also be 1. KakaoTalk is a messenger app widely used in Korea. You have a “1” notification when you have an incoming message or there is one person in the chat who did not read a message; “You’re a KakaoTalk with no friend. You have no 1 to see.”
(3) Related to (1) and the next line, 볼 일 보다 (to do one’s business) is also used as “to use the bathroom.”

벌써 지렸니? 미안 화장실 없어 [upsseo]
Did you already pee your pants? Sorry, there’s no bathroom

내가 지금 명령해 mic 놓고 일어서 [ireoseo]
I command now, put the mic down and stand up

넌 그냥 천 해, 왜냐하면 넌 실 없어 [sil upsseo]
You’re just lowly because you’re a silly nonsense
넌 그냥 천해 왜냐하면 넌 실없어: You’re just lowly because you’re a silly nonsense
넌 그냥 천 해 왜냐하면 넌 실 없어: You just be a fabric because you don’t have a thread

난 널 밀쳐내 니가 너무 싫어서 [sireoseo]
I push you away because I hate you so much

나는 바느질 좀 잘해, 실 천해 [sil chunhae]
I’m pretty good at sewing, I put my words into action
나는 바느질 좀 잘해, 실천해: I’m pretty good at sewing, I put my words into action
나는 바느질 좀 잘해, 실 천해: I’m pretty good at sewing, I do thread and fabric

나 지금 으르렁대, 너 좀 위험해 [wihumhae]
I growl now, you’re in a bit of danger

넌 그냥 연 해 말했잖아 실 없어 [sil upsseo]
You just do a kite, I told you, there’s no thread

하늘로 올라가 올라가 찢어져 [jjijeojyeo]
You go up into the sky, go up and get torn apart

bucket 주석, 난 널 잊었어 [ijeosseo]
Fuck it, Joosuc, I forgot you
Reference: Joosuc – I Forgot You (feat. Ailee)
Joosuc is a Korean hip hop musician/producer who was one of the most influential artists in the Korean hip hop scene in the early 2000s. However, he had many controversies after the mid-2000s that involved Tiger JK of Drunken Tiger and Tablo of Epik High (both are openly close to and admired by RM) and got his driver’s license revoked for DUI in 2013. “He rose to fame (went up to the sky like a kite) but ruined his own name (without a thread, and got torn apart).”

나의 목소리 [moksori], 나의 헤게모니 [hegemoni]
My voice, my hegemony

일부터 십까지 싹 다 내가 키웠어 [kiweosseo]
I’ve raised them all from one to ten

나 온 세상을 내 혀 위에 올려다 놓지 [nochi]
I put the entire world on my tongue

큰 데서 놀아, I ain’t spittin low sh
I play in the big water, I ain’t spittin low sh

On the CD, 아님 TV,
On the CD or TV,

you can see me, envy me, it’s a pity, gee gee

Beat I’mma monster I rap with a prospect,
Bitch I’mma monster I rap with a prospect,

yeah I rap with a mindset I’m a suspect

Sucka where yo rhymes at where you lines at?

I’m da king, I’m the god so where ma emperors at?

I parachute on my Neverland,

I’mma peter pan, so this will never end

You know when I ride on my G5 you sit first class and satisfy and I keep giggling

Keep gigglin, keep jigglin,

bring yo booking mic beat 한판 붙어볼래?
Bring yo booking mic, bitch, do you want to fight?

자부심과 이상한 신념뿐인 신병 걸린 형들은 8마디면 헤벌레 [hebeole]
Blindly possessed hyungs full of pride and weird conviction, they get astonished by my 8 bars

늙은 애벌레 [aebeole], 더 더 더 더러
Old caterpillers, d- d- d- dirty

이 beat 줄게 한 번 해봐 버 버 버러지들아
Let me give you this beat, give it a try you p- p- pests

랩이나 좀 잘하고 떠들어
Talk when you can actually rap

니넨 랩 못하게 해야 돼, 법으로
You should be forbidden from rapping, by law


누구 때문에? 제이홉 때문에
Because of whom? Because of j-hope

누구 때문에? 랩몬 때문에
Because of whom? Because of Rap Mon

다시 누구 때문에? 슈가 때문에
Again, because of whom? Because of SUGA

우리 셋이 [sesi] 모여서 새 시대를 [sae sidaereul] 외쳐
Three of us, gathered, shout the new generation


제이홉 때문에
Because of whom? Because of j-hope

누구 때문에? 랩몬 때문에
Because of whom? Because of Rap Mon

다시 누구 때문에? 슈가 때문에
Again, because of whom? Because of SUGA

이 beat 위에 다음 타자가 랩을 해
On this beat, the next hitter raps


내 도메인
My domain is

마이크로 여럿 혼냈지
I scolded many with my mic

언행은 족쇄 같어
Your speech and actions are like shackles

내 죄명은 혀로 폭행
The name of my charge is “assault with tongue”

신앙심이 가득한 덕에 넌 태생부터 겁나 모태 [motae]
Full of piety, you’re born-believer since birth
Wordplay: Suga used this wordplay in Cypher Part 1 as well. 못 해 (can’t do; mot-hae) is pronounced 모태 (mo-tae). 모태 (母胎; mo-tae), literally meaning ‘inside mother’s womb,’ is used when someone is a born-something. A common example would be 모태신자, which means a born-believer. But what this line is meant to mean is, really, “from when you were born, you can’t do anything.”

이 비트 위에서 엄살 부리면 넌 그냥 조퇴해
If you’re going to be a crybaby on this beat, just go home early
Wordplay/censoring: 조퇴해 (jotoehae) is “go home early (from school/work),” but, he actually raps 좆돼 (jottoe; literally means “become a dick”), which means “get fucked up.” 

힙합 꼰대들 목에 힘들어 간 것 좀 보세 [bose]
Look at those stubborn, preachy hip hop oldies with their stiff necks

니가 지하에서 놀 때 BTS 지상에서 노네 [none]
When you play underground, BTS plays above ground
You = underground rappers who denigrate BTS for being a “hip hop idol” 

밤새 잠 퍼질러 잔 너에 비해
Compared to you who slept through all night,

i’m workerholic shopperholic

니 fen 보다 많은 pen 과소비 하며 all in
I overconsumed pens, more than your fans, and went all in

차면 goal in
When I kick the ball, goal in

goal in i’m ballin

니 랩 들으면 토 쏠림 [ssolim]
I puke when I listen to your rap

니 여친도 홀리는 내 목소린 좀 꼴림 [kkolim]
My voice, which bewitches even your girlfriend, gets them horny

작업실 내 놀이터고 파트너는 펜 종이
The studio is my playground, and my partners are pen and paper

호의가 권리인 줄 아는 너흰 속히 마이크를 내려 놓길
You, thinking my courtesy is your right, should quickly put your mic down

내가 해라면 너는 달
If I’m the sun, you’re the moon

내가 뜰 때면 지니까
because when I rise, you fall

힙합 진품명품 새끼들아
You bastards judging the value of hip hop,
Reference: 진품명품 (眞品名品; TV Show Authentic Masterpiece) is a TV show where people bring their family treasures and have experts appraise them.

거품 위에서 내려와
step down from the bubbles

야 이 개구쟁이들아
Hey you mischievous boys 

개구진 니 랩은 그냥 신세 타령
Your mischievous raps are just whining about your lives
Wordplay: 개구진 (gaegujin; mischievous) can be a satoori-variation of 개구린 (gaegurin), which is a combination of 개 (gae; dog or a prefix meaning “very”) and 구린 (gurin; bad in quality or stinky).

니가 기다려온 시간 쉬다 오렴
The time you’ve waited for, go take some rest

니가 가라 하와이 집에 가렴
“You go, to Hawaii,” go home
“You go, to Hawaii” is a famous line from a 2001 film, Friend. (B-Free grew up in Hawaii.)

내가 어디까지 가나 봐라
Watch how far I go

썩은 뿌릴 싹 다 갈아엎어
I plow the rotten roots out completely 

모두 한판 [hanpan]예상하지 못한 파란
A big upset when no one expected a decisive win

노력 없이 한탄만 [hantanman] 해대며 막상 꼴에 음악 한답시고 놀 때
When you just whine without trying and play while making excuses that you’re doing music,

알바 자리나 더 알아봐라
look for more part-time jobs
B-Free dissed BTS for being an idol and gets (financial) supports from the agency, explaining how he had to have part-time jobs to sustain his living. But we know that Yoongi himself also had financially tough times and had a part-time job while going to school and practicing as a trainee (724148 and The Last).

너의 짧고 가느다란 커리어로는 하나 마나 겠지만
It’s probably not worth trying with your short and thin career,

꼭 살아남아 꾸준히 쭉 썩어
but make sure you survive and continue to rot

아마 니들 꼬리표는 아마추어 같은 인생
Your nametags probably will be “a life like an amateur”

너희 랩은 아나바다
Your raps are Anabada
As explained in Paldogangsan, 아나바다 is a campaign whose name is a short form of 아껴쓰고 나눠쓰고 바꿔쓰고 다시쓰자 (Be frugal, share, exchange, and reuse). The campaign dates back to 1998, a year after the financial crisis of 1997. 

아껴 쓰고 나눠 쓴 flow를 받아쓰고 또 그걸 다시 쓰는 너
You, who uses someone else’s the flow that was used frugally and shared and yet again reuses it
Here he explains 아나바다: 껴 쓰고 (used frugally), 눠 쓴 (used by sharing), 받아쓰고 (pronounced 다쓰고; used something received from someone else), and 시 쓰는 (using again).

hey beat 쪽 팔린 줄 알어 너
Hey bitches, you should know your shame

24마디에 너는 자리 펴고 앓아 누워
My 24 bars make you lie down sick

니 덩치에 비해 랩은 가냘퍼
Compared to your frame, your rap is fragile

니 부모처럼 널 볼 때 마다 맘 아퍼
As if I’m your parent, my heart aches whenever I see you

난 니 음악의 커리어 동맥에 마침표를 그어
I draw the period onto the artery of your music career



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