Intro: Skool Luv Affair

(The trailer contains RM’s part only.)

Produced by Pdogg
Written by Pdogg, Slow Rabbit, Rap Monster, SUGA, j-hope

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첫 만남 첫 문자 첫 통화
First meeting, first text, first phone call,

첫 데이트 첫 키스와 둘만의 공간
first date, first kiss, and the space of only the two of us

속에서 늘 모든 게 너와 처음이고파
In that space, I wish that my every first is with you

난 거식증 뭘 먹어도 항상 니가 고파
An eating disorder, no matter what I eat, I’m always hungry for you
Note: 거식증 is anorexia, which I don’t think was the right word choice. I chose to put a more general term instead.

이걸 중독이란 단어로서만 표현할 순 없어
This can’t be described with just a word, “addiction”

너란 여잔 묘사 불가, 시적 허용을 넘어섰어
A woman like you can’t be portrayed, even poetic license wouldn’t do justice

이게 너 때문이야
This is all because of you

널 대문자처럼 내 인생 맨 앞에 두고파
I’d like to put you in the very front of my life like a capital letter

좋은 집 좋은 차, 그런 게 행복일 순 없겠지만 꼭 주고파
A nice house, a nice car, although things like those cannot be happiness, I really want to give them to you


J-Hope: Wait, hold on for a second. Please turn off the music.

SUGA: Why?

J-Hope: Hyung, this isn’t it, hyung.

SUGA: What?

J-Hope: What’s up with 두고봐 (dugobwa; wait and see), hyung?

SUGA: It’s 두고파 (dugopa; want to keep).

J-Hope: Oh, yeah? Let me show you my style. Play the music!

(Music plays)

J-Hope: Yeah, this is it! Hyung, a style like this! Love should be hopeful!



망설임 없이 고백하는 게 나의 style [sl]
My style is to confess my love without hesitation

널 위해서라면 이 한 몸 다 바칠 type [p]
I’m the type of guy who’d gladly devote my whole self if it’s for you

항상 널 향해 조명을 비출게 girl [ɡərl]
I’ll always shine a spotlight on you, girl

이건 너와 날 위한 사랑의 무대인 걸 [geol]
This is a stage of love for you and me

우리는 콩깍지 씌었지, 알콩달콩 [alkongdalkong]
We are love-blind, lovey-dovey
Note: A direct translation is “We’re wearing bean pods in our eyes.” It’s a Korean idiom to say one’s eyes are covered with bean pods when they are madly in love and don’t see anything bad in the person they love.

우리의 미래는 밝고 화사해, 알록달록 [allokdallok]
Our future is bright and radiant, colorful

너만 있으면 뭐든 다 가졌지 like a milli
As long as I have you, I have everything, like a millionaire

너와 지금부터 사랑의 문이 열리지, go in
With you, the door of love opens from now on, go in


J-Hope: Ah, this is awesome. Love should indeed be hopeful.

RM: How can anyone live hopeful every day? That’s not Bangtan style.

J-Hope: What is it?

RM: Bagntan Style, hip hop.

J-Hope: Hip hop?

RM: Let’s go



BTS, 우리가 사랑하는 법
BTS, the way we love

10대던 20대던 같아 사랑하는 건
Whether in teens or twenties, we all love the same

RM, so now I’m telling you the story

난 이렇게까지 사랑해봤어 넌 어떠니
I’ve loved this much before, what about you? 

This is just an intro shouting bout my whole mind and body

You know that her refusals and bad words could never stop me

They could never retard me, this is my ideology

Who in the world can dampen my heart’s blood? Nobody

(Wassup) 다시 물을게
(Wassup) Let me ask you again

(Wassup) 넌 어떠니
(Wassup) What do you think

사랑해보지 않았다면 꼭 나처럼 해보는 게 어때
If you haven’t loved yet, how about loving just like I do 

참 사람 감정이란 게 묘한 게
Human emotions are actually so odd

난 널 웃게 했는데 넌 널 울게 하는 놈에게 가더라고
I made you smile, and then you went to some jerk who makes you cry

(I said) Yeah that’s love (I said) 그래 그게 사랑
(I said) Yeah that’s love (I said) Yeah that’s love 

누군 찌질 하다고 말하지만 난 정말 괜찮아
Though someone might say I’m pathetic, I’m really okay

사랑할 땐 한 번도 상처받지 않은 것처럼
When I love, I love as if I’ve never been hurt,

내 모든 걸 앗아간대도 더 줄 것처럼
as if I will give even more even if it takes everything away from me




사랑할 때는 좀 화끈하게
When loving, we love hard

노래할 때는 좀 따끔하게
When singing, we sing sharp

좀 화끈하게 좀 따끔하게
A bit hard, a bit sharp

우리 사랑할 때는 좀 화끈하게
When we love, we love hard

노래할 때는 좀 따끔하게
When singing, we sing sharp

좀 화끈하게 좀 따끔하게
A bit hard, a bit sharp

이게 한 마디로 방탄 style
In a word, this is Bangtan style

이게 한 마디로 방탄 style
In a word, this is Bangtan style

이게 한 마디로 방탄 style
In a word, this is Bangtan style

방탄 style, 방탄 style
Bangtan style, Bangtan style




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