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Lyrics by j-hope

Original Track: “El Chapo” by The Game & Skrillex



J HOPE 나 나의 이름 (ireum)
J HOPE m- my name

시작해 기름칠을 (gireumchireul)
I start oiling it

늘 돌던 쳇바퀴를 (chetbakwireul) 멈춰 불 붙여 내 가치를 (gachireul)
I stop the treadmill that’s always been running and light up my value
Wordplay: 가치 can be 1) value (價値) or 2) a counting unit for cigarettes. 불 붙이다 (set fire, light up) goes with the second meaning of 가치 (to light up a cigarette), but given the context, the line should be interpreted as “I let my value rise.”

모여라 매한가지들 (maehangajideul)
Gather here, you dregs
Note: 매한가지 is something that is eventually the same no matter what happens in between. J-Hope added 들 (s; a noun ending placed to make 매한가지 plural), which is unusual, and I translated it as the dregs, those who don’t really matter.

보여줄게 내 칼질을 (kaljireul)
I’ll show you my chops

도려내 썩은 가지를 (gajireul)
I cut out dead branches

차피 다 떨어질 비듬 (bideum)
Dandruff that will fall off anyway

다 훅하면 튀는 비둘기들 (bidulgideul)
Pigeons that all jump up to when the wind blows
Or, “pigeons that run away when I do the hook (of a song)”

영 못 잡지 갈피를 (galpireul)
They never get the point

나 쿨하게 까 내려 과시 중 (gwasijung)
I’m showing off myself by dissing others in a cool way

관음 해라 내 자질을 (jajireul)
Be a voyeur of my talent
Wordplay: The above two lines can also be interpreted as “I pull my pants down in a cool way and show off. Be a voyeur of my dick.”
(1) 까 내리다 can be (a) to belittle/derogate (깎아내리다) or (b) to strip down.
(2) “자질을” and “자지를” are pronounced the same (jajireul) where 을/를 are object particles. While 자질 means talent, ability, or quality, 자지 is a vulgar word for penis. (Note of note: This is my first time ever to type this word… BTS really make me do new things.)



2년 반 동안 불같은 이씬을 참관하며 방관하기 (banggwanhagi)
I observed this harsh scene with my own eyes for two and a half years

이 내공이 이제는 반응할 때야 거침없이 남발하기 (nambalhagi)
Now is the time for my power to respond, I’ll overuse it without hesitation

희롱해 파파라치 (paparachi)
I make a fool of paparazzi 

다 하나같이 (hanagachi)
All together

모두의 두 귀를 겨냥하지 (gyeonyanghaji)
I aim at everyone’s ears

내 한을 담아드릴게
I’ll put my Han in it
Han is a unique Korean word for grief, sorrow, anguish, resentment, etc.

다 들으면서 자각하길 (jagakhagil)
I hope everyone realizes it listening to this



난 가면은 안 써 이게 내 좌우명
I don’t wear a mask, this is my motto

할거는 하며 살어 shit
I live my life, doing what I need to do, shit

다 똑같진 않어
Not everything is the same

본질에 맞춰 커리어 쌓아가기
Building my career that fits my essence

겉핥기만 해
Everyone only licks the surface,

난 모두의 수박이 되고
and I become everyone’s watermelon
Note: 수박 겉 핥기 (licking the surface of watermelon) is an idiom that is used when someone does not understand the core essence of something (the flesh of watermelon) and only judges from what it appears to be (the rind of watermelon). Everyone doesn’t make an effort to know J-Hope, and J-Hope becomes a watermelon, being judged by people with shallow understanding.

난 그걸 깨기 위해
To break that,

그동안 미루고 미루며
I put off and put off,

피나는 노력이 결실을 매
and the painstaking effort comes to fruition


다 똥줄 타 곱씹다 훅 가 (hook ga)
Everyone ruminates, nervous, and gets knocked out

걸레 문 RHYME

FLOW 가 품다 폭발 (poomda pokbal)
The flow that’s been held inside explodes

VERSE라 쳐도 HOOK 감 (hook gam)
Even if this is a VERSE, it deserves to be called a HOOK

다 못 잊게 해 (da mot itge hae)
It makes everyone unable to forget it

몰리게 해  (molige hae)
It makes everyone gather

내 팬들도 모두 다 꼴리게 해 (da kkolige hae)
It makes all my fans aroused

헤이러들에겐 토 쏠리게 해 (쏠리게 해) (ssolige hae)
It makes the haters puke (makes them puke)


인과응보, 이젠 뿌린 대로 거둬
Karma, now I reap what I sow

호평은 날 숙이게 할 거며
Favorable comments will make me humble
Note: There is an old saying, “벼는 익을수록 고개를 숙인다 (the riper the rice is, the lower it hangs),” meaning “the more successful and accomplished one is, the more humble and modest one should be.”

욕들을 먹으면
When I get reviled, 

곧바로 소화시켜
I will immediately digest the curses

다 똥으로 싸 지를 거여
and shit them out

내 욕망과 오만은 DON’T STOP
My desire and arrogance, DON’T STOP

나 원하는 대로 값쳐
I pay whatever price I want
Note: He pronounces 값쳐 (to pay the price; gabchyeo) almost the same as 깝쳐 (to behave frivolously; kkabchyeo).

내 꼴린대로 꼴값
I act like an ass, following my wants


애초에 상대가 안돼 (andwae)
You’re no match for me in the first place

니 6체는 내 8자 아래 (arae)
I walk on your body
Or, your life is governed by my fate
6 (yuk) + 체 = 육체 (body; yukche), 8 (pal) + 자 = 팔자 (fate, walking with feet pointing outward; palja).

다 걸리적거리는 가래 (garae)
Everyone is phlegm getting in my way

내 나이답게 칵 TWOTWO, 땅에 (ddange)
As appropriate for my age, TWO TWO (ptui ptui), to the ground
(1) 칵 (kak) is an onomatopoeia for spitting out phlegm
(2) His age, TWO-TWO (22), sounds similar to 퉤퉤 (twe twe; ptui ptui), an onomatopoeia for spitting

내 팬들이 길 터준 대로 이젠 사뿐히 지르밟어
I gently walk on the path my fans made for me

내 형제들과의 노력 배로 느낄 테야 입신양명
The effort made with my brothers, I’ll doubly enjoy the fame and prestige




입 닫고 들어라 이 VERSE 때
Shut your mouth and listen when this verse plays

이 FLOW의 분위긴 LIKE 경례
The vibe of this flow is like a salute

(WOAH) 경례 (WOAH) 경례 (WOAH)
(WOAH) salute (WOAH) salute (WOAH)



모두다 즐겨라 이 VERSE 때
Everyone, enjoy when this verse plays

이곳의 분위긴 LIKE 열대
The feel if this place is like the tropics

(HOT) 열대 (HOT) 열대 (HOT)
(HOT) the tropics (HOT) the tropics (HOT)



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