치리사일사팔 (724148)

Produced by Agust D
Written by Agust D

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The title, 724418, is a combination of two bus lines that Suga used to ride to and from his high schools: bus #724 to Gangbuk High School in Daegu and bus #418 to Apgujeong High School in Seoul (after he moved to Seoul).

Coming from Daegu to Seoul, Suga settled himself in Nonhyeon/Sinsa area in Gangnam, because his agency (and the dorm) was located in Nonhyeon-dong. Gangnam is known for its concentrated wealth, represented by its extremely high housing prices, and has often been compared to Beverly Hills. Living costs also tend to be higher in Gangnam than the rest of Seoul (it is already expensive to live in Seoul than to live in elsewhere in the country). It is no surprise that Apgujeong High School, located in Apgujeong (borders Sinsa and Nonhyeon on the south), is attended by many kids from wealthy families.


음악 한다고 깝친지 몇 년 지나지 않아
Few years after I started fooling around, saying that I do music

대구에서 음악하면 잘되봤자 음악학원 원장이나 하겠지
“If I do music in Daegu, at best I’ll end up running some music cram school.”

란 생각이 날 빡때려
— the thought hit me hard

어차피 한번 사는 인생 뭐든 일등 한번 해봐야지
I only live once, so I should be number one at something at least once

공부론 못하던 일등
Number one that I could never be with studying

음악으론 할 것 같았어
I thought I could be with music

주위에선 십중 팔구
Around me, eight or nine out of ten said,

이 새끼 또 지랄병이 도졌네 도졌어
“This brat is bullshitting again”

좆까 새꺄 잘 봐봐 니네는 또 졌어
Fuck you, bastard, watch me carefully, you’re lost again

여튼 좀 더 폼나게 음악 하려거든 일단 대구를 떠나야겠다는 생각 uh
Anyway, I thought I needed to first leave Daegu to do music in style, uh

빡빡이 고딩의 힘찬 발걸음 한 오디션 포스터 앞에 fade out
Energetic steps of a shaved-head highschooler faded out in front of an audition poster

방시혁이 개최한 랩 대회 라네요
“It says it’s a rap competition held by Bang Si-hyuk”

방시혁이라면 그 백지영 그 아 아
“Bang Si-hyuk– that Baek Ji Young, ah ah,

총맞은 것처럼 쓴 사람 아뇨 형님
isn’t that the one who wrote ‘Like being shot by a bullet,’ hyungnim?”
‘Like being shot by a bullet’ is Baek Ji Yong’s 2009 hit that was written by Bang Si-hyuk, which back then (even around BTS’ debut) made a lot of people think Bang primarily as an R&B composer.

그래서 크루 형들과 대횔 나가게 됐지
That how I joined the competition with the crew hyungs

일단 결선에 가려면 예선을 통과 하라네
They said I first need to pass the initial round to get to the finals

ok 그 정돈 밥이지 뭐
Ok, well, that’s a piece of cake
The literal translation is, “well, that is just rice.” Rice or gum (chewing gum) is often used to describe a task that is very easy in Korea.

랩 하라고 줬던 비트를 싹 다 갈아 엎은 뒤
After completely changing the beat they gave me to rap onto,

편곡을 하기 시작했어
I started rearranging the beat 

봐라 어떤 이가 이렇게 하겠어
Look, who else would have done the same?

니네가 나라면 이렇게 했겠어?
If you were me, would you have done the same?

그 어떤 회사가 말야 응?
What kind of company would, hmm?

이런 천재를 싫다고 하겠어
would say it doesn’t want a genius like this?

회사 입장에선 yo 복이 굴러온 거지
From the company’s point, yo, it was a luck coming their way on its own

막연한 믿음 그게 내 성공의 본거지
A vague belief was the origin of my success

지난 일이라 얘기하는데
I’m talking about this now that it’s all over,

예선 다음날 전화 한 통이 왔어
but I got a call the day after the initial round

지역번호는 02
The area code was 02
02 is the area code of Seoul.

2010년 11월 7일 서울 입성
November 7, 2010, I arrived in Seoul

강남도 별거 없네
“Gangnam doesn’t look anything special”

대구 촌놈의 기선 제압
A Daegu hillbilly acting tough
기선 제압 (to get a head start, to take the lead in a battle) reminds of me (and probably does have its reference at) Bang PD’s rap “랩 댄스 노래로 상대방의 기선을 제압해 (Knock out your opponent with rap, dance, and singing).”

그 날 저녁은 쿨하게 사먹었지
I ate out that night, acting cool

what the fuck 계산서에 눈이 돌아갔지
What the fuck” the bill made my eyes roll

한달 생활비는 고작 30 shit
My monthly living expense budget was only 300,000 won, shit

택도 없는 돈이란 걸 누구 보다 알기에
Because I knew better than anyone else that this was nowhere enough,

시작했던 새벽 알바 uh
I started working part-time in the early morning, uh

때문에 등교시간은 매번 달라 uh
So I always went to school at different times, uh

학교를 가면 다 돈 많은 집 자식들
At school, all the kids are from rich families

내 한달 생활비 몇 배를 술값에 쳐박어
They waste many times my monthly living expense on alcohol 

그리곤 시발 뭐 뭐? 돈 없다던 가식들
And they fucking said what? what? All pretended that they had no money

shut the fuck up 새꺄 너 아가리 쳐 닫어
Shut the fuck up, asshole, shut your fucking mouth

성공이 궁해? no 난 그냥 돈이 궁해
Am I hungry for success? No, I’m just hungry for money

폼나게란 말도 잊혀진 지가 오래
It’s been a while since the words “in style” were forgotten

밤에는 연습하고 새벽엔 알바하고
Practicing at night, working part-time at dawn,

그렇게 지친 몸 끌고 학교로 가면 잠만 자던
and dragging my tired body to school to sleep–

내가 20살이 되 버렸네
Then I became 20 years old

졸업식 풍경은 썩 구리네
The commencement day scene is pretty shitty

밤새 도박하던 그 새끼들?
Those assholes who gambled all night?

졸업선물로 외제찰 끄네
They drive import cars they got as graduation gifts

그건 좀 부럽네
For that, I’m a bit envious

부럽네 썅
I’m envious, shit

세상은 불공평하단 걸 진작 알았지만
I knew a long time ago that the world is unfair

누군 십오평짜리 투룸에 열 댓 명이 같이 사는데
But while someone lives with 15 other people in a 15-pyeong 2-bedroom apartment,
15 pyeong is approximately 49.5 sqm or 533 sqft.

누군 폼나게 졸업하자마자 외제찰 끄네
someone else drives an import car in style as soon as he graduates

ok ok ok 두고 봐
Ok, ok, ok, just watch me

데뷔는 하겠냔 말 두고가
Before you leave, leave your opinion, “will you even get to debut?”

일년 뒤에 봐봐 새꺄 내가 뭘 하는지
Check back in a year, bastard, what I’ll be doing

넌 그제서야 tv 보고 연락하겠지
Only then you’ll call me after seeing me on TV


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