Intro: 화양연화 (Intro: The Most Beautiful Moment in Life)


Produced by Slow Rabbit
Written by Slow Rabbit, SUGA

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Note: Yoongi’s stage name, Suga, comes from the first syllables of the words shooting and guard since he was the shooting guard when playing basketball.



오늘따라 림이 멀어 보여
The rim looks farther away today

코트 위에 한숨이 고여
My sighs well up on the court

현실이 두려운 소년
A boy who’s afraid of the reality

공을 던질 때면 유일하게 맘이 되려 놓여
His heart is at peace only when he’s throwing the ball,

홀로 던지는 공
the ball he throws by himself 

림을 향해서 내가 던지는 건
What I throw towards the rim

수많은 고민과 삶의 걱정거리
are countless thoughts and worries about life

세상을 아는 척 하지만 아직 설익은 몸
Though I pretend that I know the world, my body is still not mature

슛 코트가 나의 놀이터
Shoot! The court is my playground

손짓에 따라서 발 옆엔 작은 공이 튀어
With the movement of my hands, the small ball bounces next to my feet 

성적은 바닥을 기지만 난 더 오히려
Though my grades are as low as the floor, even harder I
Word-to-word translation: my grades crawl on the floor 

세상에 다 잘 될 거라며 괜시리 소리쳐
shout at the world that it’ll all be fine

하지만 세상은 되려 겁줘
But instead the world scares me  

그럴 거면 멈춰
If you’re going to be scared like that, just stop

머리를 채운 상념
Thoughts that fill my head 

공 대신 미래를 던져
Instead of the ball, I throw my future

또 남들이 칠하는 별점과 성공의 기준에 결격 덕에
Thanks to the ratings given by others and my inability to meet the standards of success,

암처럼 퍼지는 걱정 god damn it
my worries spread once again like cancer god damn it


던져버린 공과 함께 퍼진 웃음
With the ball thrown away, I burst into laughter

턱까지 차오른 이 숨은 꿈틀대는 꿈들 [kkumteuldaeneun kkumdeul]
My breath, risen up to my chin, is dreams that are squirming

빨라지는 드리블 행복해지는 마음
The dribbles that get faster, and my heart that becomes happier

이 순간은 영원할 듯 하지만
Though this moment feels like it’ll last forever,

해지는 밤이 다시 찾아오면 좀먹는 현실
once the sun-setting night comes again, it’s the riddled reality

정신을 차리면 또 겁먹은 병신같은 내 모습에 자꾸만 또 겁이 나
Once I come to my senses, I get scared again looking at myself being a scared idiot

덮쳐오는 현실감
The sense of reality that hits me

남들은 앞서 달려 가는데 왜 난 아직 여기 있나
Why am I still here while others are running ahead


숨을 쉬어 아니면 꿈을 꿔
Breathe, or dream

지금 심장박동에 맞춰 다시 노를 저어
Now row the oars again along the heartbeat

남들의 얄팍한 잣대에 갇혀 모른 척하며 살다간
If you live by pretending that you don’t know, trapped in others’ shallow judgement,

코트처럼 인생도 노을 져
the sun will set on your life like the court


What am i doin’ with my life

이 순간은 언제든 다시 찾아오지 않아
This moment will never ever come back

다시 나에게 되물어봐 지금 행복한가
I ask myself once again, “are you happy now?”

그 답은 이미 정해졌어 난 행복하다
The answer is already set, “I’m happy”



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