BTS Cypher Pt. 4


Produced by Chris ‘Tricky’ Stewart Medor J. Pierre
Written by RM, j-hope, SUGA, Chris ‘Tricky’ Stewart, Medor J. Pierre

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“이름, 이름!” Sorry bae
“Name, name!” Sorry bae

“발음, 발음!” Sorry bae
“Pronunciation, pronunciation!” Sorry bae 

“딕션, 딕션, 딕션!” Sorry bae
“Diction, diction, diction!” Sorry bae

“Oh, face not an idol..” Sorry bae
“Oh, face not an idol..” Sorry bae

숨쉬고 있어서 I’m sorry bae
That I’m breathing, I’m sorry bae

너무 건강해서 I’m sorry bae
That I’m too healthy, I’m sorry bae

방송합니다 I’m sorry bae
That I’m Bangtan, I’m sorry bae
방송합니다 seems to be a shortened form of “방탄이어서 죄송합니다”, which means “I’m sorry for being Bangtan.” There’s a slang “문송합니다”, a shortened form of “문과여서 죄송합니다 (I’m sorry for being a liberal arts major)”, which made it’s appearance maybe a couple of years ago. It is used (1) when high school students (In Korea, high schools offer different curriculum tracks, and students entering regular high schools have to choose between 문과 (liberal arts) and 이과 (natural science).) who are on the liberal arts track don’t understand what’s supposed to be a common knowledge had they studied science, and (2) when college seniors who majored in humanities experience more difficulties in finding jobs compared to those who majored in science and technology. Korea’s youth unemployment rate has been hitting record high.

Errthing errthing errthing

Sorry bae


지금 내가 내는 소리 bae
The sound that I’m making now bae

누군가에겐 개소리 bae
will feel like a nonsense to somebody bae
Direct translation: will feel like a dog’s barking sound to somebody bae

까는 패턴 좀 바꾸지 bae
You should change the pattern of condemning me bae

지루해질라캐 boring bae
It’s making me bored boring bae

이젠 니가 안 미워
Now I don’t hate you

이젠 니가 안 미워 sorry bae
Now I don’t hate you sorry bae

북이 돼줄게 걍 쎄게 치고 말어
I’ll be a drum for you, so just hit me hard and leave
Koreans call someone who is everyone’s favorite punching bag a 동네북 (which gets literally translated to a neighborhood drum). 

그래 해보자 사물놀이 bae
Yeah, let’s do Samulnori bae
사물놀이 (Samulnori) is a percussion music performed with four traditional Korean musical instrument.

난 괴물, 너무 길어 꼬리 bae
I’m a monster, my tail is so long bae

어차피 넌 날 쏘지 bae
You’re anyway going to shoot me bae

그럴 바엔 편해 동물원이 bae
If that’s the case, staying in the zoo is convenient bae

너도 원하잖아 씹을거리 bae
You want someone to chew on as well bae

니가 날 싫어해도 YOU KNOW ME
Though you hate me, YOU KNOW ME

니가 날 싫어해도 YOU KNOW ME
Though you hate me, YOU KNOW ME

무플보단 악플이 좋아
I like hate comments better than no comments

난 널 몰라
I don’t know you



I love I love I love myself

I love I love I love myself

I know I know I know myself

Ya playa haters

you should love yourself



I wanna get 잠 time
I wanna get sleep time

쉴 틈 없이 받는 spotlight
Spotlight I get without a brief moment to rest

Ahh you wanna be my life?

굶주린 놈들은 내 총알받이나 해
Those you are starved should just take my bullets

곱게 접해
Experience it gently

내 멋대로 도배된 무대로 연행
I take you to the stage covered in my style

다 결백 (Okay)
All innocent (Okay)
연행 is specifically used when a police officer is taking the suspect in to the police station, therefore making the transition to “all innocent.” 

But 만족 못해 절대 여기에
But I can never be satisfied here

나 올라 저 위에 높게 높게 높게
I go up high over the top, higher higher higher

그래 방식은 다르지
Yeah, the ways are different

곱씹어도 가는 길
Though I have to ruminate, it’s the way to go

한 땀씩 바느질 못 할 거면 매듭지어
If you can’t sew stitch by stitch, just tie a knot
매듭짓다 (tie a knot in thread) also means to conclude or to wrap up. Because of the lack of clear subject, the above line can also be interpreted as “If I can’t do it, I’ll rather quit. (= I do it right as long as I’m on it.)” 

이젠 안 돼 가능이
Now it’s not possible anymore

포기라는 발음이
to pronounce “giving up”

I love ma rule 내 bro들과 하는 일
I love me rule the thing that I do with my bros

그들만의 리그의 플레이어
Players of their own league

난 그 위 감독이 될 테니
I’ll be the director on top of them

다 될 대로해
Do whatever you can do

1VERSE에 이어
Continuing 1 VERSE,

난 더 큰 그림을 그릴 테니
I’ll draw a bigger picture

평생 그 위치에서 쭉 외쳐봐라
Try shouting from where you are for your entire life

‘Dream come true’

명예와 부는 그게 아냐 you
Fame and wealth isn’t that, you

다 결국 내 발바닥 츄
all eventually kiss on the bottom of my feet 

클릭해, 난 cat 다 mouse
Click on it, I’m a cat and you’re all mice
“You” here are antis condemning BTS online using a mouse. 

골라 X 쳐 like KAWS
Select them and torture them like KAWS
I’m pretty sure what he meant by “X쳐” is “족쳐,” which means “to put the screws on someone”. Why did he replace 족 with X? To link it to KAWS toys, whose eyes are X-ed out.

난 내년 입주 ma house 에서 내 brick과 high five
I’ll high five with my bricks in ma house that I’ll move into next year
Brick here is bearbrick.

눈뜨고 봐라 내 야망
Open your eyes and see my ambition

귀 대고 들어라 처음이자 마지막이 될 말
Bring your ear to me and listen to my words that I’ll say for the first and the last time


I love I love I love myself

I love I love I love myself

I know I know I know myself

Ya playa haters

you should love yourself



Back back to the basic

microphone check

Call me 뱁새 혹은 쎈캐
Call me a crow-tit or a strong character
뱁새 (Korean crow-tit) stands for an underdog here. 쎈캐 is a slang for a strong character in video games (센 캐릭터).

그래 rap game에 난 대인배
Yeah, I’m the noble and generous in the rap game

되게 해이해졌던 rap man들을 갱생하는 게
To rehabilitate those slacking rap men

내 첫 번째의 계획 hashtag
is my first plan hashtag

Sucka betta run 그리고
Sucka betta run and

인스타 속 gang gang
gang gang on Instagram

그건 걔 인생이고
That’s that guy’s life

내 인생은 뭐 매일매일
and my life is- well, every day, 

Payday, paycheck 손목 위엔 ROLEX
payday, paycheck, ROLEX on my wrist

Click clack to the bang bang

Click clack to the pow

I’m so high 어딜 넘봐
I’m so high, what are you even looking at

니가 도움닫기를 해도 손 닿기엔 높아
Even if you do a run-up, I’m too high to be touched by your hand

꽤나 먼 차이 절대 못 봐
A fairly big difference, you can never see

너의 똥차들의 콩깍지를 몽땅 벗겨놓은 다음
I’m going to destroy the blind love for the shitty car you are,
(1) There’s an expression “when a shitty car leaves, a Benz arrives,” used to jokingly comfort a someone who broke up with their boyfriend. (2) When someone is so blindly in love that they don’t see/admit any bad things of the person they love, we say a bean hull (콩깍지) has been put on their eyes. 

죄다 농락한 뒤 송장이 된 면상 위를 so fly
play you all, and fly over your dead face
The above two lines were modified (along with some minor changes in other parts of the song) for KBS Music Festival due to “inappropriate language.” The modified lyrics are “작은 날갯짓이 만든 나비효과 / 이제 진짜 작별인사 / say goodbye can you see me now,” which is translated to “the butterfly effect caused by a little flapping / Now it’s a true farewell / say goodbye can you see me now”

Click clack to the bang, you and you

쉽게 얻은 게 하나도 없음에 늘 감사하네
I’m always thankful that there’s nothing that I earned easily

니 인생이 어중간한 게 왜 내 탓이야
Why do you blame me for your mediocre life

계속 그렇게 살아줘 적당하게
Just keep living like that, just moderately

미안한데 앞으로 난 더 벌 건데 지켜봐줘
I’m sorry but I’ll earn more going forward, so watch me

부디 제발 건강하게
and be healthy, please


I love I love I love myself

I love I love I love myself

I know I know I know myself

Ya playa haters

you should love yourself



I love I love I love myself

I love I love I love myself

I know I know I know myself

Ya playa haters

you should love yourself




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