Intro: Serendipity


Produced by Slow Rabbit
Written by Slow Rabbit, Ray Michael Djan Jr, Ashton Foster, RM, “Hitman” Bang

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이 모든 건 우연이 아냐
All this is not a coincidence

그냥 그냥 나의 느낌으로
[I know it] just because, just by my feeling

온 세상이 어제완 달라
The whole world is different from yesterday

그냥 그냥 너의 기쁨으로
[It is so] just because, just with your joy

니가 날 불렀을 때
When you called me,

나는 너의 꽃으로
I became your flower
The particular sentiment, as explained in the lyrics of 134340, has its roots in one of the most famous poems in Korea, The Flower by Kim Choon-soo.

기다렸던 것처럼
As if we have been waiting,

우린 시리도록 피어
we bloom painfully beautifully

어쩌면 우주의 섭리
Perhaps it is the providence of the universe

그냥 그랬던 거야
It just had to be like this

U know I know

너는 나 나는 너
You’re me, I’m you


설레는 만큼 많이 두려워
As much as my heart flutters, I’m afraid

운명이 우릴 자꾸 질투해서
because the destiny keeps getting jealous of us

너만큼 나도 많이 무서워
As much scared as you are, I’m, too, scared

When you see me

When you touch me


우주가 우릴 위해 움직였어
The universe has moved for us

조금의 어긋남조차 없었어
There wasn’t anything even slightly out of place

너와 내 행복은 예정됐던 걸
Our happiness has been destined

Cuz you love me

And I love you


넌 내 푸른 곰팡이
You’re my blue mold
Blue mold here refers to penicillin, a type of antibiotic derived from Penicillium fungi.

날 구원해 준
that saved me

나의 천사 나의 세상
My angel, my world


난 네 삼색 고양이
I’m your calico cat

널 만나러 온
that came to meet you

Love me now touch me now


Just let me love you

Just let me love you

우주가 처음 생겨났을 때부터
Ever since the universe was first created,

모든 건 정해진 거였어
everything has been destined

Just let me love you


Let me love

Let me love you

Let me love

Let me love you



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