Produced by RM, Slow Rabbit
Written by RM, Slow Rabbit

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Note: RM’s solo track. He goes to Ttukseom when he’s having a hard time or a lot of thoughts. He wrote the song while sitting down in Ttukseom. The background noise in the beginning is what he recorded with his cellphone at the time. (‘WINGS’ preview SHOW) RM made the song as something that he would to play for himself when he takes a walk at night in Ttukseom, along Han River, or somewhere outside. The title “Reflection” reflects his desire to introspect himself and reflect himself through music. (WINGS Behind story by RM)



I know

Every life’s a movie

We got different stars and stories

We got different nights and mornings

Our scenarios ain’t just boring


나는 이 영화가 너무 재밌어
I find this movie really fun

매일매일 잘 찍고 싶어
I want to film it well every day 

난 날 쓰다듬어주고 싶어
I want to caress myself 

날 쓰다듬어주고 싶어
I want to caress myself 


근데 말야 가끔 나는 내가 너무너무 미워
But you know, sometimes, I really really hate myself

사실 꽤나 자주 나는 내가 너무 미워
In fact, quite often, I really hate myself

내가 너무 미울 때 난 뚝섬에 와
When I hate myself so much, I come to Ttukseom
Ttukseom Hangang Park, commonly called as just Ttukseom, is a park in the north-side esplanade along Han River.

그냥 서 있어, 익숙한 어둠과
I just stand here with the familiar darkness

웃고 있는 사람들과 나를 웃게 하는 beer
People who are smiling, a beer that makes me smile,

슬며시 다가와서 나의 손을 잡는 fear
and the fear that gently approaches me and holds my hand

괜찮아 다 둘셋이니까
It’s okay- everyone is in twos and threes,

나도 친구가 있음 좋잖아
it’d be nice if I also had a friend
He’s perceiving the fear (that came to him and held his hand) as a friend that he has to coexist with. He mentions the concept of coexistence often: Positivity and negativity, hope and despair, happiness and unhappiness, etc. In an interview with Yonhap News (Side note: this is the first part of Yonhap News’ three-part series, which I think is one of the best in-depth interviews, part 2 and part 3 have also been translated for your interest. Credit to /u/grk637 for doing most of the part 2 translation.), he mentioned that he tries to become friends with anxiety, knowing that accepting/embracing it is the best he can do.


세상은 절망의 또 다른 이름 [ireum]
The world is another name for despair

나의 키는 지구의 또 다른 지름 [jireum]
My height is another diameter of Earth

나는 나의 모든 기쁨이자 시름 [sireum]
I’m my whole happiness and my worries

매일 반복돼 날 향한 좋고 싫음 [sireum]
They repeat every day, the likes and dislikes directed at myself
The above four lines end-rhyme (-reum).


저기 한강을 보는 친구야
A friend over there who’s looking over Han river,
It is likely that ‘a friend’ is not an actual friend but a random person that he spots. Like RM himself, going to Ttukseom alone (or any other park along Han River, more if it’s at night) is something people do when caught up in thoughts to clear their mind (or think even more) while gazing at the river. 

우리 옷깃을 스치면 인연이 될까
would we be tied by fate if we brushed past each other?

아니 우리 전생에 스쳤을지 몰라
Well, we might have brushed past each other in our past life

어쩜 수없이 부딪혔을지도 몰라
Maybe we have bumped into each other countless times
Background information for the above three lines: there’s an idiom “옷깃만 스쳐도 인연,” meaning that “even simply brushing past each other means that the two are tied by fate.” Translated liberally, it becomes something similar to “we’re meant to meet.”


어둠 속에서 사람들은
In the darkness, people

낮보다 행복해 보이네
look happier than during the day

다들 자기가 있을 곳을 아는데
Everyone knows where they are supposed to be,

나만 하릴없이 걷네
but only I’m walking idly

그래도 여기 섞여있는 게 더 편해
But it still feels more comfortable to be here, blended into the scene

밤을 삼킨 뚝섬은 나에게
Ttukseom that swallowed the night

전혀 다른 세상을 건네
hands me a completely different world


나는 자유롭고 싶다
I want to be free

자유에게서 자유롭고 싶다
I want to be free from freedom

지금은 행복한데 불행하니까
because now I’m happy yet unhappy  

나는 나를 보네
I see myself

at Ttukseom


I wish I could love myself

I wish I could love myself

I wish I could love myself

I wish I could love myself

I wish I could love myself

I wish I could love myself

I wish I could love myself

I wish I could love myself



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