First Love

Produced by MISS KAY, SUGA
Written by MISS KAY, SUGA

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Note: Suga’s solo track. He raps about his brown piano, describing the relationship in a chronological manner. In his interview in WINGS CONCEPT BOOK, he said, “it’s a song that contains many meanings. ‘First Love’ refers to the piano I played when I was young and also the only friend I had. I cried a lot when recording the track. In the second half, where I explode the feelings, I kept tearing up.”



내 기억의 구석 한 켠에 자리잡은 갈색 piano
A brown piano that’s sitting in the corner of my memory

어릴 적 집 안의 구석 한 켠에 자리잡은 갈색 piano
A brown piano that’s sitting in the corner of my childhood home


그때 기억해
I remember the time

내 키보다 훨씬 더 컸던 갈색 piano 그게 날 이끌 때
when the brown piano that’s so much taller than me guided me

널 우러러보며 동경했었네
I looked up to you and admired you

작은 손가락으로 널 어루만질 때
When stroking you with my little fingers,

“I feel so nice, mom I feel so nice”

그저 손 가던 대로 거닐던 건반
My fingers walked on the keys on their own

그땐 너의 의미를 몰랐었네
Back then I didn’t know the meaning of you

바라보기만 해도 좋았던 그때
Back then it felt nice just looking at you


그때 기억해
I remember the time

초등학교 무렵
Around my grade-school days

내 키가 너의 키보다 더 커졌던 그때
when I became taller than you

그토록 동경했던 널 등한시하며
I neglected you who I had adored so much

백옥 같던 건반 그 위 먼지가 쌓여가며 방치됐던 니 모습
The image of you being abandoned with dust piling on your once-shiny keys

그때도 몰랐었지 너의 의미
I still didn’t know the meaning of you

내가 어디 있든 항상 넌 그 자릴 지켰으니
because you were keeping your place wherever I was

그런데 그게 마지막이 될 줄 몰랐네
But I didn’t know that it’d be the last

이대론 가지 마 you say
“Don’t go away like this,” you say


“내가 떠나도 걱정은 하지 마
“Don’t worry even if I leave

넌 스스로 잘 해낼 테니까
because you’ll do well on your own

널 처음 만났던 그때가 생각나
I remember when I first met you

어느새 훌쩍 커버렸네 니가
Without my noticing, you grew up so much

우리 관계는 마침표를 찍지만
Although we’re putting an end to our relationship,

절대 내게 미안해 하지 마
don’t ever feel sorry for me

어떤 형태로든 날 다시 만나게 될 거야
You’ll see me again in any form

그때 반갑게 다시 맞아줘”
Greet me again then”


그때 기억해
I remember the time

까맣게 잊고 있었던 널 다시 마주했던 때 14살 무렵
when I faced you again who I had completely forgotten, when I was about 14,

어색도 잠시 다시 널 어루만졌지
The moment of awkwardness was short, and I again caressed you

긴 시간 떠나있어도 절대 거부감 없이 날 받아줬던 너
I had been gone for a long time, but you still accepted me with no repulsion

Without you I’m nothing

새벽을 지나서 둘이서 함께 맞는 아침
The morning we greeted together after dawn

영원히 너는 나의 손을 놓지 마
Don’t let go of my hand forever

나도 다시 널 놓지 않을 테니까
because I won’t let go of you either


그때 기억해
I remember the time

나의 십대의 마지막을 함께 불태웠던 너
You lived through my late teens with me desperately and passionately

그래 한 치 앞도 뵈지 않던 그때 울고, 웃고
Yeah, we couldn’t see an inch before us, we cried and we laughed

너와 함께여서 그 순간조차 이제는 추억으로
Even those moments can stay as memories because I was with you

박살난 어깰 부여잡고 말했지
Grabbing my crushed shoulder, I said
Note: He talked about his shoulder in his mixtape track, “The Last,” and later in their documentary series Burn the Stage. He did a part-time delivery job before debut when he was a trainee and had an accident that unfortunately got his shoulder badly injured.

나 더 이상은 진짜 못하겠다고
that I really couldn’t do it anymore

포기하고 싶던 그때마다 곁에서 넌 말했지
Every time that I wanted to give up, you told me, by my side,

새꺄 너는 진짜 할 수 있다고
“kid, you really can do it”


그래 그래 그때 기억해
Yeah, yeah, I remember the time

지치고 방황했었던 절망의 깊은 수렁에 빠졌던 그때
when I was exhausted, strayed, and drowned in a pit of despair

내가 널 밀어내고 널 만난 걸 원망해도
Even though I pushed you away and hated meeting you,

넌 꿋꿋이 내 곁을 지켰지 말 안 해도
you were always by my side even when I didn’t ask

그러니 절대 너는 내 손을 놓지 마
So don’t ever let go of my hand

두 번 다시 내가 널 놓지 않을 테니까
Because I’m not letting go of you ever again

나의 탄생 그리고 내 삶의 끝 그 모든 걸 지켜볼 너일 테니까
because, my beginning and my end, you are the one who’s going to witness it all


내 기억의 구석 한 켠에 자리잡은 갈색 piano
A brown piano that’s sitting in the corner of my memory

어릴 적 집 안의 구석 한 켠에 자리잡은 갈색 piano
A brown piano that’s sitting in the corner of my childhood home



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